Meet the Team Behind the TV Show!

Jada Johnson

Jada Johnson | Host

Jada Johnson, host of Big Boys Adventures TV, has been hunting with her dad since she was 5 years old. Hunting is not just her passion, but a part of who she is. After graduating from high school, Jada and her dad have dedicated everything to developing Big Boys Adventures into a show that captures the art of hunting, as well as connecting anyone who has a passion for the great outdoors through their wild adventures!

Jada Johnson

Kevin Johnson | Host & Executive Producter

Kevin Johnson, host and Executive Producer of Big Boys Adventures TV, has been hunting in Northern Michigan his whole life. When he saw the passion his daughter had for the outdoors and being involved in hunting they decided to team up and put together a show. Kevin often guides hunters who have received their once in a lifetime Michigan Elk Tag, but also still loves to get out and hunt himself.


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